Will this be the last iTaukei scholarships?

The Ministry of Itaukei Affairs has called for applications for iTaukei Scholarships for second semester 2013. The question we all want answered by Khaiyum is: will these scholarships be permitted under the new Constitution which mandates race-free Fiji? As with everything under the Bainikhaiyum regime we will be told nothing about how the scholarships are handed out. The Auditor General will be locked out. We have no idea whether people with regime connections get favoured treatment. But surely this process will not be possible after the Constitution is declared.

Ministry of Information May 05 2013

One Response to “Will this be the last iTaukei scholarships?”

  1. losalini Says:

    it’s in the khaiyum/bainimarama draft, there won’t be any scholarships specifically for i-taukei since fiji is going to be non-racial. also, prayers will not be allowed before any public gatherings because fiji is going to be a secular state. so tell the rfmf that they cannnot pray anymore at their gatherings..

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