“The Oracle” speaks

Sorry to say … too little, too late. The 2013 Draft Constitution will be amended to placate the iTaukei, with the inclusion of ambiguous language about Fijian land rights. After that it will be ceremoiously imposed on the people of Fiji by the President and the Fiji military.

Trade unionists have to accept – they’re out of politics under the 2013 Draft Constitution and there’s nothing they or anyone else can do about it because the Constitution, once imposed, cannot be changed – no matter what Sayed-Khaiyum and Frank are saying. It will not be a so-called “living document” but one that is written in stone. It is in fact a Constitution aimed at encouraging a coup to abrogate it, in order for it to be changed.

Despite Khaiyum and Frank’s constant references to “old politics” and “old politicians” in an attempt to portray a “new way forward” for Fiji, the fact is there is no such thing. There’s only politics and politicians. And, in this case, Khaiyum and Frank have decided, as budding politicians, to pull the wool over everyone else by writing the Constitutional rules to suit their own political agenda.

And what are the people of Fiji doing about it? Sweet FA. The people of Fiji are more inclined to unite when Fiji wins at Sevens Rugby or fall apart and publicly criticise when Fiji loses. As for politics and the future of Fiji and future generations? The people of Fiji give a sweet FA.

Frank and Khaiyum realised this by January 2007 and they’ve seized that opportunity to portray themselves as “leaders” for a nation of people who have no courage to stand up for their rights but prefer to have others lead the way for them, with the mistaken belief that any failure will only reflect on the leaders and not on themselves. We’re all enjoying the party and free ride on the Frank/Khaiyum boat that we fail to see the reef ahead. When the boat hits that reef and starts to sink, it will be too late to try and sober up from our drunken stupor and ignorant bliss.

4 Responses to ““The Oracle” speaks”

  1. orifice Says:

    Oracle, well put. Agree. Only thing is the hurt and hate are barely skin deep, and we pray that the next coup to rid of this regime does not entail a bloodbath or of genocidal proportions. The so called “common enemy” have blatantly confirmed i-Taukei suspicions again and again.

  2. Outshined Says:

    I suspect Frank will help form a party but not be its leader – to enable him to hold onto the army chief’s job – once his party wins (if it does) he might resign, become PM and Aiyaz will become A-G – remember their Constitution allows for such a scenario. I might be wrong but whichever way one goes, he could still be up there unless something major happens from now onwards; he could even overthrow the same old crook bunch of emperor’s in new clothes – sdl and flp and trade union party

  3. U Ostriches Says:

    u are another one of these self proclaimed experts who only speculate and refuse to see the facts.
    the bkc will never be amended in the way u suggest because they see this as inconsistent with their view of equal rights.
    there will be no elections because the risk of losing is too great and risky as they cannot control.
    dicktators have to control and cannot lose.

  4. Tavarua Says:

    Well put oracle,Fijians are a self interested lot, prone to swaying which ever the prevailing arguments flow. Too self absorbed in their rugby,church and tanoas, for any collective response. The same collective chiefs and corrupt Ministers from all sides have their snouts well and truly in the money trough and allows Banannarama to continue to wreck havoc.
    Strong young educated leaders not bound by any chiefly or political endorsement are putting themselves on the firing line literally through Fdnblog, Coup.4, and other sites highlighting social justice and transparency.

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