Raiwai – just tell us how much

The report on the results of discussions on the stalled Raiwai flats project has left a lot of us scratching our heads. There’s going to be an “extra $3 million” but we’re not told what the total cost is. Will it be $22 million, so it’s $19 million plus $3 million, or it is a total cost of $12 million, so it’s $3 million on top of the original budget of $9 million? The only thing that’s clear is that the money is all borrowed and so will all have to paid back.

Fiji Village: 06/05/2013 Extra $3M to complete Raiwai flats to be sourced from China loan

One Response to “Raiwai – just tell us how much”

  1. Dredd Says:

    A quick calculation on the given figures makes out for a monthly rental per flat of roughly $400. Whilst this is supposed to cater for low income earners how can they rake up $400 when they used to pay around $100 before.

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