Guilt trip but no boycott

Despite the way it’s been presented in other blogs and the media, the trade union opponents of the regime have made clear that they don’t want to hurt ordinary workers. Top Aussie union boss Ged Kearney has said point blank: “The campaign is not about asking people to stay away from Fiji’. She said unions want tourists to be aware of the fact that the workers in the country they visit are poorly treated by the regime which has taken all their rights. Kearney’s aim is to remind the regime which is giving trade unionists a hard time that “nearly 100%, almost of the tourist industry comes from Australia and New Zealand” where many of them are members of trade unions.

Radio Australia 6 May 2013
Aust/NZ unions campaign to change tourist minds on Fiji

2 Responses to “Guilt trip but no boycott”

  1. Nizam Says:

    This is perhaps the most serious threat the regime has faced so far. Tourism makes up for a large share of our economy and is at the same time the most vulnerable sector. If this campaign gets traction and Australians and New Zealanders start to discover that Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Cook Islands and Tonga are also lovely Pacific destinations the game for the regime will be soon over.

  2. Urai Felix Drau Vicai Says:

    stupid selfish strategy ,,,will only hurt the workers….if tourism operators close shop who will employ the hotel workers and care for their families?? dou yavu boci kulina…….i was against frank now i will vote for him

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