Will the regime come down heavily on Akuila Yabaki?

The conviction of Akuila Yabaki for contempt of court is something few people would have anticipated not that long ago. Akuila Yabaki was someone who always urged the rest of us to give Bainimarama a chance to realise his vision. He was prepared to forgive the illegal seizure of power because he saw it as a means to his own ends. The question now is will the regime hit him hard or give recognition of his “past services”?

4 Responses to “Will the regime come down heavily on Akuila Yabaki?”

  1. Goldfish Says:

    Yes they will. Past services means absolutely nothing to a guy like Khaiyum. His mantra is vengeance. You cross him, he comes down hard on you, services or not.

  2. losalini Says:

    this judgement is absolutely wrong. but it has shown khaiyum’s real face and soon he will be running off to Dubai.

  3. Navosavakadua Says:

    The ASK ego is really something. He feels compelled to punish all who fail to give it due recognition. In the Fiji Times case he pursued Tai Nicholas all the way to NZ to satisfy his sense of outrage.

    But it’s notable that he’s ignored former Justice William Marshall who did more than criticise the state of the judiciary. He accused Khaiyum of running the entire judiciary in a corrupt and entirely illegal manner.

    You’ve got to ask youself why did he ignore Marshall’s accusations which were sent to Bainimarama and plastered all over the internet? Why not seek to extradite him to Fiji to face charges for criminal defamation and contempt of court?

  4. The Scottish Headmaster Says:

    William marshall has no credibility because he ganged up with shyster shamim to put that self serving garbage together.
    its true the judiciary is not independent but not in the way that he portrayed it. that’s why no action will be taken because its full of defamatory stuff not supported by facts.

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