The Raiwai housing scandal

The Public Rental Board housing project at Raiwai is such a mess that the Fiji Sun has been forced to talk about it. However, their propaganda role goes on when they refer to “certain architectural deficiencies” rather than “the structural defects of the flats” reported by Fiji Village. And the budget is supposed to have stretched to $22 million, not $19 million. What an embarrassment to the regime which says that China is the answer to all out problems. Coming on top of Malaysian roads and Indian sugar mill refit, what will we have next? North Korea?

Fiji Sun May 2, 2013 Board: Why Raiwai work stopped

2 Responses to “The Raiwai housing scandal”

  1. losalini Says:

    like most everything coming out of China, its made fast and dirt cheap. ask any african or carrabean countries. they have lots of stories about their below standards stadiums, roads, schools, etc.. and in the end, the host country is left with million dollar debts to china. not to mention the environmental disasters from their minings. especially the Bua bauxite mining. the coastal waters of naivakasiga, baravi, and naivaka are being polluted and bainimarama government pretends it’s not happening.

  2. Navosavakadua Says:

    ‘Architectural deficiencies’ refers to flat sizes. The Chinese contractors were expecting smaller families (one child policy) if not smaller people.

    ‘Structural issues’ is probably the amount of steel re-inforcing used. The Chinese probably used less than the law requires, but then so do a lot of builders in Fiji. How they sort it out is going to be interesting.

    And $22 million? My guess is that this padding was added after the issue was exposed. They’ll knock this back to $19 million so that it doesn’t look like the Chinese contractors can write their own blank cheques, which is, as we all know, the way things work in Frank’s Fiji.

    And then there’s the FNPF payments that haven’t been made. Once again, rules are for others who don’t line Frank’s pockets on the side.

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