Can the Bill of Rights protect us from this?


Khaiyum tells us his Bill of Rights is the answer to everything except the common cold. According to Khaiyum it even protects itaukei land as part of its protection of culture. But can it protect us from Khaiyum’s strutting around in a Fijian village meeting like a roadside qauri. No chief would show such little respect for where he is.

7 Responses to “Can the Bill of Rights protect us from this?”

  1. Equal rights Says:

    his equal rights means no culture no religion no discrimination no respect no land rights no indigenous rights no indigenous governance…so whats new?
    the arrogant pig, just like the goats who support him and frank…no respect for anyone.

  2. gorbarchov Says:

    this is what will happen. we itaukei will kill any kaidia look like aiyaz. and kania na lewena. but no lewena there. so we will burn and vakamatea every livling thing that believe or look like him. ena sega ni dua na ka e vo. me ra na vaka rusai. o taci aiyaz me drudru mada i albert park. keda na sotia ni yadra mai na wekada.

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    It is a bit of a stretch to expect a Bill of Rights to fix stupidity, arrogance, compulsive lying, an ego the size of Paris & the constant need to look pretty.

  4. Navosavakadua Says:

    Khaiyum loves his Bill of Rights so much because it means his precious personal power through the court system would make all the decisions. iTaukei rights to land would be balanced against Indo-Fijian rights to livelihood. Everyone has so many rights that conflict that the courts would have to make rulings. And we all know what that means.

  5. Equality in Bill of Rights means Equality to Land Says:

    The lead shyster and cronies are simply beyond insulting.

    Immunity is temporary as we all know and will be chucked out in due course.. and where ever they run to, the long arm of the law will catch up with each of them and bring them to swift justice.

  6. Dredd Says:

    I think iarse is hoping the Fijians in attendance would do the ultimate worship of feet washing ritual just as the indo-Fijians did to bai at muanaweni. After all he’s got his shoes off in readiness.

  7. modela Says:

    @ Dredd

    Yuck @ the cheapskate iag hoping for a quickie-pedicure.

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