Bainikhaiyum draws back from the brink

After weeks of giving out hints that the heavy handed Political Parties Decree would be used to disqualify our three best established political parties, the Bainikhaiyum regime has drawn back from the brink. The parties were given little time to meet the demand that they had to have a huge membership base spread evenly throughout the country. For the NFP, the need to have a quota of members in the Eastern Division wasn’t going to be easy but it seems they’ve got it. The puppet Registrar couldn’t say anything until he got orders from Khaiyum so the question is what happened? Did his few visits to the real world to explain his constitution make him aware of just how high the level of expectations are about elections?

Fiji Times, May 03, 2013 Green light for NFP, FLP and SODELPA

2 Responses to “Bainikhaiyum draws back from the brink”

  1. Navosavakadua Says:

    My guess is Bainimarama over-ruled the too clever by half school boy smart-arse who would have loved to rule the parties illegal but Bainimarama didn’t get to hang around this long without being able to sniff a risk. The thousands of people who registered for the parties would have been outraged to find that the party they belong to was ruled out by some technicality.

  2. Dicktator Says:

    baini not smart enough to snif his own pants down the cassava patch so don’t give him any credit for anything other than chaos.

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