Thank you Coup 4.5 and thank you Frank

Coup four point five has outdone itself with their brilliantly edited highlights (or is that lowlights) of the Radio Frank Talkback. It’s shows what an embarrassment he is to Fiji. Somehow the RFMF don’t seem to be embarrassed by him. No-one doubts he’s ruthless, a liar and manipulator – skills that got him where he is today – but he’s also a bumbling half-educated fool who has ruined Fiji through greed for power. Of course we should not forget to say thank you Frank. Without his ignorance and bumbling incapacity to express himself we would not have been able to see this so clearly for ourselves. We hope people all over Fiji will copy this onto disc and distribute it to relatives in villages without the internet. They deserve a chance to see for themselves who has been running the country for the past six years without winning any sort of election.

13 Responses to “Thank you Coup 4.5 and thank you Frank”

  1. Dredd Says:

    Its a real pain listening to the laboring drags of ahhs and unintelligent replies coming from a dropout who wants to be pm. Like in all aspired positions you have to get it by merit and bai had none whatsoever.

  2. Frankly Bananas Says:

    This is quite offensive and insightful and thus violates my decrees that demand respect for my position as PM. To portray me as a bumbling moron could not be further from the truth! What about my doctorate in economics from Princeton, what about the W. Shakespeare literature price that I have won for my contributions to English culture. And what about my other titles, medals and achievements? Never has Fiji seen such strong economic growth and prosperity, never has Fiji been more democratic, never before have the Taukies had their land protected by the PM himself and never have we had such free and open discussions about our future.

  3. joe Says:

    Sorry but I really felt uncomfortable watching that, its embarrassing and just one word to describe that Video, abysmal!
    Forget about the niff naff and trivial that has happened but to have a calibre of a Prime minister like that is just bad medicine for FIJI.

  4. joe Says:

    Please can the so called fake frank! What ever your’e smoking? pass it to the real frank, since your coming across as a second person when jotting down your mumbling crap!! your’e just pathetic and sounds like a rumbling beat box that dosnt know when to stop and just fade away…………..

  5. asivorosi Says:

    vacava that, ah? kua sara vei neitou PM. Sa vakamadua qai vakasisila o iko Voreqe. Lako mada lai sava na demu nomu a gutuwa e na cassava patch. Sa boi ca sara ga. E bona, wili kina o ratou nomu matavuvale kocokoco mata ni ta kunea

  6. Apisai Says:


  7. Osea Raturaga Says:

    Apisai Sona Levu….

  8. Micah Says:

    @ Apisai there is a saying ,”From within without” Dont degrade yourself ,cursing and swearing will get you no-where.

  9. Inoke Tuirara Says:

    Apisai sa kilai Sara ga na Vanua o ni Lako mai kina

  10. Wild West Says:

    Rubbish ! very soon we will run our own government PM,and it wil be a very sad day for you n who evers name ..kaium or whatever.

  11. Tevita Says:

    Did Shamima Ali really said arse? I heard Shamima was trying to get closer to AG Through his aunty Noor. Shamima playing double game

  12. Keep The Faith Says:

    Tevita you seem to have a bee in your bonnet about Shamima Ali. What gives dude?

  13. james bond Says:

    Mathew 6:10 – YES MY GOD THE ALMIGHTY;!!MAY THY WILL BE DONE IN FIJI AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!!.Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,the Kingdom of God is almost coming to pass.Fiji is the small Jerusalem,anointed by God before we have been born.The righteous people of God will take Fiji forward together with the New Decree which is the Holy Bible.You and me must connect to Jesus and worship him diligently. Jesus is the Leader of the Party for the Kingdom of God.God will elect his righteous people to lead and to rule his Kingdom.There is no more man made or man elect kingdom or government;.It is God who will elect and rule now with his faultless people.please read – Isaiah chapter 32:1-8.Have blessed reading.

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