Port ‘reform’ equals big contract with smell of kickback


Another big contract has been handed out with an invisible tendering process and, guess what, it’s gone to a company from a country where corruption is endemic. We’ve seen the botched mill refit, which left FSC with mills that went from below average performance to disastrous, but left an $80 million debt. Then there were the Malaysian roads which the new regime at Fiji Roads Authority has admitted were badly built. Now we have the Chinese construction company, China Railway No 1, doubling their bills and halving the standard of construction. What can we think but the worst when we see Bainimarama accepting a ‘present’ from the head of the favoured Sri Lankan firm?

Fijilive April 30, 2013 Ports sign $10.3m deal, reforms in place

One Response to “Port ‘reform’ equals big contract with smell of kickback”

  1. bainikaiyumsonalevu Says:

    so where are the suvavou people in this deal,,,,,,,sa vakaloloma na sona levu qo o bainikaiyum

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