The idle land mantra

Ministry of Land permanent secretary Tevita Boseiwaqa, the man overseeing Bainimarama’s Land Bank, is again chanting the old idle land mantra. It seems if you’re not able to use your land yourself, the land is declared ‘idle’ and you must lease it, even though the rents you might get under the TLTB and Agricultural Landlord and Tenants Act are very low. Your only alternative is to give your land to Frank’s Land Bank where, according to blogger Navosavakadua, the State can do with your land what it wants. It can charge rent set by a valuer Bainimarama chooses. The length of the lease can be anything up to 99 years, which Bainimarama can choose. He doesn’t have to consult you as a landowner. He can charge a premium, and it seems he doesn’t have to pay that premium to you. He can keep it if he chooses.

Fiji Times April 29, 2013 Land utilisation is vital

One Response to “The idle land mantra”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Sure, that’s just dandy Tevita Boseiwaqa. Now do the needful and deposit your own Mataqali land first as a shining example of practicing what you preach.

    There’s 85 HA in Ba and 386 HA in Tailevu listed as “available”, yet you can’t even get takers for this.

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