Chinese aid at work

The so-called Chinese aid that was used to buy the services of China Railway No 1 is turning into an even bigger scandal than the botched FSC mill refit which ran up an $80 million debt to India. China Railway number 1 stretched their budget of $9 million to $19 million apparently without approval from the Public Rental Board. Acting Deputy Secretary for Local Government, Urban Development and Housing, Kolinio Bola said they will have to “look into it”. In other words, he has no idea what happened. No doubt China Railway No 1 ignore underlings like Kolinio Bola and go straight to Baimarama to cash their blank cheques. But that’s not all. Just like the mill refit scandal the Chinese builders didn’t bother to follow the building code of Fiji and structural requirements. And, of course, Chinese companies seem to think they’re exempt from paying FNPF contributions for their employees.

Fiji Village: 29/04/2013 PRB to analyse how China Railway No.1 surpassed $9M budget

2 Responses to “Chinese aid at work”

  1. Navosavakadua Says:

    Let’s see if Bainimarama cracks the whip with the Chinese. Any local company would be treated to the familiar bully boy treatment, but not his Chinese friends.

  2. losalini Says:

    bainimarama and khaiyum have sold their souls and our beautiful country to the chinese. there is no way back or out for them and fiji.

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