Bainimarama lords it over iTaukei like a king


Provincial Councils around the country have to await the appointment of their Chairman before they’re allowed to meet. Bainimarama has decreed that Councils will not elect their Chairman. He will make the appointment like a feudal king. He has absolutely no respect for his iTaukei subjects. In return for the crumbs that fall from his over-stocked table he expects them to treat him like a chief. All Fijians will have to wait upon this self-crowned king before they can meet and when they do meet, the new Chairman will instruct them that they cannot open their deliberations with a prayer. It’s good enough for the mother of parliaments in Westminster to open with a traditional prayer, but Bainimarama has decreed through Khaiyum that prayers are out unless they are general – ie to all Gods or none. Appointed by neither man nor God, who does Bainimarama think he is?

Fiji Times, April 29, 2013 Meetings will still take place

4 Responses to “Bainimarama lords it over iTaukei like a king”

  1. Rasova Says:

    A Provincial Council normally focusses on Taukei welfare…the members are all Fijians who are Christians, and christian prayers are appropriate.

    Imposing which Gods to pray to is silly and insensitive to say the least..its dictatorship gone wild and mad.

    More reasons the Prov Councils should voice their opposition to the illegal Govt and persuade their people to reject VB in next election

  2. avenisa Says:

    Laiva me caqeta tiko na mata ni moto. Ni kida tiko na sotia, kemuni na vosoti. Ia o sonalevu qo ena sauti koya ga kei ira nona kawa. na kudru ser curse ni kawani taukei ena drodrova vata e vica nona yatu kawa mai muri. O sa taura na qele, modroka na lotu qai o ceburaka laivi na i liuliu kei na turaga ni vei vanua. Na ka ga sa vo na neimami kudru. Koya ya o na sega ni kauta se bokoca laivi. Era sa mate, vakararawataki, ka vakalolomataki na kawa i Taukei ena gauna ni nomu veiliutaki. Nanuma tiko o sega ni dro rawa se o ira nomu kawa.

  3. Navosavakadua Says:

    I wouldn’t compare him to a monarch. Bainimarama is a dictator like Stalin or Hitler.

    Under his Land Use Decree he decides on all leases, what rent will be paid, how long the lease runs – everything. Landowners don’t have to be consulted after they hand their land to his ‘bank’. The landowners have to have a group of trustees, but like all Provincial Council Chairman, Judges, Magistrates, etc etc the trustees have to be acceptable to Bainimarama and he can remove anyone of them anytime, with no appeal to a court.

  4. The Indigenous Poples of Fiji Says:

    Alisi Daurewa’s wish has come true.

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