Bainimarama speaks on debt – what a joke

Giving a lecture on debt while taking us up the debt creek

What a sight. Bainimarama standing before the G77 group of countries and spouting views on the problems of debts owed by developing countries. He says he’s worried by “unsustainable debt overhang”. (Does he have a clue what this means?) All of us back in the far too real world of an economy with no growth and constantly rising prices know the truth. In the case of Fiji there was no real debt problem before Bainimarama seized power and starting reckless borrowing. The latest and worst example being a billion dollars worth of debt to buy ‘his’ airline the latest aircraft so that he can pretend he’s a big shot (and probably pocket some kick backs). This will be the end of our national airline if it cannot get enough customers quickly enough. The genius who thought of it (David Pflieger) realised the risk and fled the country back to the US.

Fijilive, April 26, 2013
PM calls for debt payment measures

8 Responses to “Bainimarama speaks on debt – what a joke”

  1. bidai Says:

    Such a speech is what you normally expect from a sovereign chair supported by highly paid technocrats in NY advising through the relevant secretariat mechanism of the UN. It is nothing to brag about unless you’re desperate to portray respect for a fledgling sovereign leader. This asshole of a leader doesn’t have a clue in his thick as shit brains what he’s talking about. He’d do better by informing the people of Fiji what our debt servicing is looking like now and into the next 5-10 years, as a proportion of domestic revenue, exports, operating exp, or GDP. Some of us suspect the real debt ovehang of this regime will come to roost in the next few years because right now they are deliberately not factoring this into the books. The next elected Govt becomes the culprit.

  2. Warlord Says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……….

  3. losalini Says:

    bidai, you are so right. bainimarama cannot even inform the fijian people how much debt they owe China . if it was an elected government, they would have been kicked out a long time ago. the only people supporting this rogue government are the ones that are gaining financially from all their crook activites.

  4. Frankly Bananas Says:

    Me thick? I hold a PhD in economics from Princeton and have been a senior Professor at Harvard. What else do I need to tell the world that debt is bad? And as far as our own debt is concerned, don’t you worry, its all under control. The economy will grow much faster than our debt, so it should not be a problem to pay back!

    • Domanic Says:

      Fiji can pay the loan.
      Franks government brought water ,power and roads to us.
      Every other government before just promise and do nothing.

      When you have no roads access ,water and struggle for education then talk.

      We had none of that before.

      Put yourself in my shoes.

      Urban areas already have all the basic stuff.

      Fiji first is the way.


      • Domanic Says:

        Rural areas have always been forgotten.

        We need a government that can walk the talk.

        When we have floods in the rural areas no other government come and asist us.
        Only Franks government actually
        Came to us with full assistance for house,water,and make the roads properly up in the rural areas.

        Thanks Voreqe..

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