Khaiyum doesn’t realise he’s sitting on a volcano

Khaiyum knows there is sensitivity about land but he apparently thinks this nothing that RFMF goon squads can’t deal with. If anyone complains they can be forced to shut up. But the truth is he’s sitting on a volcano. Why has he not translated the Land Use Decree into Fijian and distributed for all to read and digest. If what he says is true, people can read it for themselves. Why has he not written in Fijian all the provisions in the constitution which he claims protects native land? If he thinks people will soon forget he’s fooling himself. By the time he hears the rumbling it will be too late. He’ll be showered in ash and run down by the lava flow.

Fiji Village: 25/04/2013 Stop creating issues over i-Taukei land and land bank system – AG

One Response to “Khaiyum doesn’t realise he’s sitting on a volcano”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Oh he knows. He knows FULL WELL what he is unleashing. He is giddy from the unstrained power that Bainimarama grants him and simplistically assumes that he can permanently stay all the clenched fists and can furthermore turn RFMF landowner guns upon themselves as his sole defence.

    What he does not realize is that he is also sitting on a keg of gunpowder.

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