How much land do you want? Frank’s Land Bank Manager

Filimoni UluKau has long been one of the most reliable lackies of Bainimarama, being trusted first with the big lie about the amount of support the Charter for Treason had. Then he moved on to land, being entrusted with the Land Bank, including the grab of land for Chinese bauxite mining and the all the damage it’s doing to the environment. For all these services he was rewarded with the job of being Ambassador to South Korea. His turn to have his snout in the trough. But it seems he sees opportunities everywhere. He’s now been accused of stealing two dogs. His motives are not clear. Perhaps he planned to make a meal of them or may be to sell them. They were a Pekingese and a Shih Tzu, hardly much of a meal, but very expensive dogs, so it looks like he planned to make some easy cash. Unfortunately it was all caught on video. When the police paid a call he wasn’t at home and is claiming diplomatic privilege.

Real Fiji News 24 April 2013 Fijian Ambassador to South Korea granted immunity for stealing two dogs in Seoul?

One Response to “Caught!!”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Awesome scoop by Real Fiji News.

    As for Filimoni Kau what an absolute moron. Good one numbskull, send a titter down diplo-channels and make your boss in New York the laughing stock of the international community yet again.

    The real foreign policy kingpin within the illegal & treasonous regime, His Excrement Isikeli Mataitoga will not be amused.

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