Air Pacific heading for storm clouds

Tourism figures are slumping just as we need them to pick up. The new A330s that Air Pacific has bet the house on will need a lot of new passengers if the payments on the billion dollar loans are to be met. Australian numbers on which we rely most are down and could slip further if there’s further instability or another coup. New markets require deep pockets to cope with losses while the market expands. That might work for the big airlines. It’s can’t work for Air Pacific. The idea that the planes will create new markets is pure cargo cult. Pflieger and Khaiyum are like two gamblers who’ve bet our house (the FNPF) on a couple of spins of the roulette wheel. And who knows what commissions they’ve collected.

Fiji Times April 23, 2013 Visitor arrivals decrease

2 Responses to “Air Pacific heading for storm clouds”

  1. the lame fiji air mainabird Says:

    the airbus range is too short for most of the routes which means that the plane cannot take max pax because it has to take enof fuel on the reduced load.
    also the planes capacity to take freight is very limited so exporters etc have to use other alternatives or pay extra costs.
    watch the cost o things go higher and higher.
    and pilots and engineers have to be expats cos locals not qualified.

  2. losalini Says:

    so the million dollar question is, why did pflieger and his supporters buy the planes in the first place? and has fiji airways been awarded the masi Trademarks? khaiyum is keeping quiet about this too.

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