Khaiyum’s lies are getting funnier by the day

In his whirl wind of lies around the country Khaiyum was forced to deny that political parties were being gagged. He denied any role in the process of party registration, claiming it was all up to the Registrar of Political Parties. Thanks to former Justice Marshall we know that that’s not the way Khaiyum operates. He interferes in everything, the DPP’s office, the courts and the bureaucracy. His denial of responsibility for the Registration process shows that he thinks that he can say whatever he likes because the muzzled media can’t print the truth.

Radio New Zealand 24 April, 2013
Fiji Attorney General denies party gagging claims

One Response to “Khaiyum’s lies are getting funnier by the day”

  1. The Selfserving Judge Says:

    I wouldnt hang my argument on Marshalls self serving bullshit. he and shyster concocted the lies to give themselves prominence.

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