Khaiyum cornered on native land

Former Commerce Ministry CEO, Sireli Koyamaibole, put Khaiyum on the spot during consultations on the constitution when he asked Khaiyum to get an independent legal opinion on the Momi land swap. Khaiyum claims it was illegal but won’t order an indepemdent opinion to test his claim. If it was illegal he should be able to reverse it. He claims it conflicts with the Native Lands Trust Act, which he has vowed to get rid of and over-rode with the Land Use Decree. If it’s an issue he thinks is important he should get an independent legal opinion.

Fiji Village: 24/04/2013 Independent legal opinion should be taken on itaukei land-Koyamaibole

4 Responses to “Khaiyum cornered on native land”

  1. avenai Says:

    Sisa, o ka qori sa vinaka ga tuna nona i wawa me ra vakani kina na koli.

    Moni dei tiko na valataka noda i solisoli nai Taukei

  2. avenisa Says:

    O ira kece ga na musulomani me caka kece vei ira. Esa mosi tu na yaloi keimami nai taukei. Mera na vakarusai o ira na mataqali co votivoti vakai Aiyaz kei ira kece na kai musulomani se hindu.

  3. Yadra Boci Says:

    kemuni na sotia
    sa rauta mada na moce ni vana na sona levu qo kei nomuni liuliu sa millionaire tu qori levu ni corruption…..
    ke ni sega ni yadra , ia ni veivutusona tikoga ,,,,

  4. The Liar Says:

    the reason the boy lawyer will not get an independent legal advice is he knows that the State Lands Act pursuant to which the transaction was done authorises the swaps. thats why he felt there was a loophole to close by his amendments this year. The liar lawyer.
    Notice how he talks to the people as if they are dumb giving irrelevant childish examples to illustrate his bull shit that the constitution protects indigenous lands.

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