Youth are growing restless

From the start Bainimarama has made clear that 18 year olds were always going to get the vote under his system. But it seems he’s too dumb to realise that anyone who was 18 when he seized power in the name of all his reforms will be 25 before they get the vote Bainimarama promised in 2007. Young people are growing old hearing about all this wonderful reform and race-free Fiji. One thing about youth is they are impatient. A year seems like a long time and 7 years without elections is half a lifetime. Youth activist Tura Lewai is speaking for young people when he says they reject this imposition of a constitution they’ve had no say in. All of the talk about how bad politicians were in the past means nothing to them. Someone who’s 18 in 2014 was 10 when the coup was staged. All they’ve ever know is the lies and empty promises made by Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

Radio New Zealand 23 April, 2013 Young people in Fiji increasingly agitated over constitution, says activist

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