The race-free army welcomes 200 more of their own


With hardly a non-iTaukei face in sight (and don’t worry, that one guy will soon drop out) the RFMF has welcomed 200 more recruits out of 3000 applicants. It looks like the mono-ethnic army is reproducing itself. What sort of test do the Indo-Fijian candidates fail? Is it that they can’t take beatings, or they can’t hand them out? Nobody believes that with unemployment as bad as high as it is there are not plenty of Indo-Fijians who’d love to join the RFMF just to feed their families. Why aren’t they given a chance?

Fiji Sun, April 22, 2013 200 for RFMF

5 Responses to “The race-free army welcomes 200 more of their own”

  1. Dredd Says:

    More money down the drain employing 200 more to do nothing productive but shine boots march play rugby carry out coups and gurgle down more of the hard earned tax dollars. Or are they replacements for the many falling dead at work. Isn’t our economy already overtaxed supporting the military and now with more recruits more expenditures?

  2. Kisoko Cagibona Says:

    what the fark are they gonna be doing daily,,,,,they look so young and easily manipulated ie brainwashed,,,,vakaloloma na kai viti

  3. Yacob Says:

    Lies, there are other race there, as for you Kisoko; every body joins any Army at the young age.

  4. rubyanneconvoytaki Says:


    Question is what the fark they gonna do? Mecava, me ra lai kuri ni veboi vei tono cici ni cakaca tiko mai na keba? Waste of taxpayers money.

  5. losalini Says:

    welcome to coup-coup land!

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