Sharma struggles to explain the health disaster

All health facilities in Fiji are under-staffed and given less medicine and equipment than they need. The RFMF wouldn’t think of going on deployment without proper kit and equipment, but the Health Department is at the bottom of the food-chain, competing with water supply and schools for the crumbs, while the RFMF never feels the pinch and, of course, First Family First Class Travel never goes without. Fiji Village reports: “When questioned, Health Minister Dr Neil Sharma said people need to understand they are doing their best”. Dr Sharma would be doing us all a favour if he retired and blew the whistle on this corrupt system.

Fiji Village 23/04/2013 Health Ministry looks at issues about service delivery

5 Responses to “Sharma struggles to explain the health disaster”

  1. Crozzie the bleater Says:

    Welcome to the Zimbabwe of the Pacific!

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    “Doing their best”. Jesus, Mary & Joseph what a patronizing commentto be telling taxpayers.

    I’m afraid that this type of “best” does not cut the mustard Dr Sharma.

    How about a friggin’ pay cut for you and your fellow illegal and treasonous Ministers? How about selling your tinted pajero’s, catching the bus and inhaling the fresh scent of carbon monoxide everyday like every other person, so that people can live?

    This arsewipe needs a friggin’ clue.

  3. neel ram Says:


  4. losalini Says:

    the rfmf recently hired 200 recruits while the fiji health system is going to the dogs. it’s a crying shame what is happening in fiji. my family experienced this terrible injustice when a family member was in admitted at CWM. first, they ran out of vital medications which we had to buy from a private pharmacy, then there were about 3 sudden power cuts and then 20 life-saving dialysis at $200 a session, tattered bedsheets, dirty toilets, rusty trolleys, etc.. i cry for my beloved Country.

  5. Angila singh Says:

    recently visited cwm hospital , I was very disappointed to see the practise performed by the nurses and also not enough supplies, broken beds , rusty hand basins and patients had to buy their medicine before they are treated .I was so sadden to see all this and unable to help .the hospital system is fallen down 20 yrs back since I was there in 1985 s ,spoke to few people they stated that Neil sharma should resign as he has not listened to the crying families .He has not put any effort to up grade the system by suppling equipment etc to the hospital especially to ccu ward were I found a person died as the Dr was searching for life support machine after a procedure when this person died . I am very sad to my country s health minister not seeing things or not listening to the families who have lost their loved ones with no explanation

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