The tin-god speaks


How Khaiyum sees himself

Khaiyum has yet again let his arrogance get the better of him by declaring that in all “government organized functions” there can only be “general prayers acceptable to all”. This means, among many other things, Provincial Councils will not be able to open and close with prayer. Let’s make sure this point is broadcast through-out the country immediately, so that all Provincial Councillors can tell their people that they will be forbidden from praying as has been their custom. It is now banned, not by a law from an elected government, but by a constitution written by Aiyaz the Almighty, the Law Giver, the self-appointed tin god. The question is will Bainimarama bow to his little tin god on this edict or will he try to quietly disown it?

Fiji Village: 23/04/2013 Only general prayers allowed at govt functions when Fiji becomes secular state

5 Responses to “The tin-god speaks”

  1. We have a choice Says:

    Kaiviti will be breaking the law on two fronts if u insist on christian prayers before meals or meetings.
    first the state is secular (more like uncircumcised) so no religious choices, one over the other.
    second ur custom not recognised and u cannot superimpose on the minority because we all have equal rights. minority rules. thats the new fiji democracy.
    just highlights the lack of depth in legal knowledge and honesty this bush lawyer and his muslim legal advisers have; and
    they call themselves human rights experts?
    more like indigenous rights exterminators.

  2. Dredd Says:

    Moses’ picture should have been photoshopped to put in that hated face of iarse.

  3. Fiji farked under the junta Says:

    Kiss your arse goodbye Fijians. Your useless military led by khaiyums pet puppy bhaini has sold you out!

  4. anonymous Says:

    I wouldn’t bother praying at Government functions at all, then. God will listen to prayers addressed to Him. But who receives “general” prayers?

    So far as I know, it is the ones who are “hard up” for worship. Namely, Satan and his angels …

  5. losalini Says:

    …just another nail on the coffin of fijian traditions..

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