Party decisions on hold

Khaiyum’s puppet Registrar, Mohammed Saneem, has not yet refused to register the three existing parties which applied for re-registration. He’s claimed that parties have admitted anomalies like some names appearing more than once, or people being members of more than one party, but he hasn’t revealed any real problems. If these petty anomalies are used to refuse registration there will be real anger. What does it matter if a name is registered more than once – all the Registrar needs to do is count it only once. And whether someone can be a member of more than one party should be a matter for the parties, not the state, though Khaiyum’s decree forbids it, but says nothing about how this would affect an application to re-register a party. If this is used to disqualify all parties affected it will prove yet again that Khaiyum is a sneaky rat.

Fiji Live April 22, 2013 Proposed FLP given more time

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