What should a constitution include?

Khaiyum doesn’t think there should be any mention of indigenous customs or land ownership in a constitution, but he does think the constitution should lay down what schools teach. They have to teach about “smoking, teenage pregnancy and HIV” and the school authorities have no say in this. This is not part of the conditions of a normal law, Khaiyum wants it in the constitution that schools have to take orders from him. Landowners rights are unimportant, but teaching what Khaiyum wants taught in schools is. This draft constitution must be the greatest pile of ego ever put into one document.

Fiji Village: 21/04/2013 Schools must teach certain subjects under draft constitution

2 Responses to “What should a constitution include?”

  1. The Anti Christ Kaiyum Says:

    Now as part of the secular state policy, u cannot say a christian prayer or any religious, christian or otherwise, kinda prayer in public.
    the man now says the prayer has to be Short like his wiwi and non denominational….so who is the prayer said for???..maybe its to be directed to him?
    what a disrespectful arrogant twit…this young bush lawyer still wet behind his ears, now telling us how we are to live our lives, earthly and spiritually??
    And people still want to sing their praises to this rogue and his dicktator dumb ass?

  2. Dredd Says:

    This country belongs to the first settlers who own the estate of Fiji and leasing it out to foreigners. It should therefore be paramount to have their status included in the constitution and not excluded just as the wish of one called iarse.

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