Please Ratu Epeli and the RFMF act while you can

While Bainimarama is out enjoying himself on his latest holiday, could the President please turn it into a permanent holiday by removing Bainimarama from office? When the office of Commander-in-chief is snatched from Ratu Epeli, he will be helpless to resist calls for his resignation. As President and Commander in Chief, Ratu Epeli can appoint as Commander anyone he chooses and likewise as Acting PM. It doesn’t have to be Khaiyum. Once the new Constitution is in place Bainimarama will be beyond the reach of the President, which is exactly where Bainimarama and Khaiyum want him. If Ratu Epeli dosn’t understand this he will join the rest of us in paying a high price for the tin-pot dictatorship.

Fiji Times April 18, 2013 Singapore, New York next for PM

6 Responses to “Please Ratu Epeli and the RFMF act while you can”

  1. Too Straight Says:

    no, this is too straight forward for the peoples president to understand.
    u have to spice it up with some kind of conspiracy and coup twists in ur explanation for the peoples president to understand…after about six boxes of fiji gold…and dont forget have to get some nice young boys to wash his feet.

  2. eff'ed pressie Says:

    Sorry this Pressie has neither brains nor guts to do any such thing. He just has enough brains and shit to just lift his sulu and bend over for FB and ASK to do him up the rear. After that he will do them both and the other two will do each other. And the moral of the story is like they say, “you rub my back (side) and I’ll rub yours..” and they will be one helluva big happy family.

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    Eah. I agree with the two comments above. Totally not holding my breath that Rt Epeli Nailatikau will come through for anyone but his selfish spineless self.

  4. Dredd Says:

    The opportunity couldn’t have been any better than it is now with tikotoga and naivalurua in serious bind with some sickness. But I don’t hold out much hope for anything to happen since most of them are happily sucking on the money bottle esp the pressie..

  5. Frankly Bananas Says:

    Epeli is my boy! His interest is getting enough booze into his skin, nothing more, nothing less. That you appeal to this old fart for help shows the state of affairs of the opposition in Fiji. Pathetic!

  6. losalini Says:

    and what about Ratu Mara’s daughter who is in bed with the enemies of the indigenous itaukei people. your father was proud to be fijian and fought to upheld it’s traditions and culture. now, almost everything we hold dear to our hearts have been taken away by these stupid decrees forced to us by khaiyum and bainimarama. i cry for my Country.

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