Bainimarama’s idea of credibility

Bainimarama has declared that the European Union lacks credibility as an election observer, so it will be excluded from monitoring the elections next year. He’s recommended that PNG take on the job. Will this be what some of the money that PNG so generously offered for our elections will be spent on? Putting a bunch of ‘observers’ up at Denarau and sending them all the reports they can handle with an open bar tab.? Bainimarama doesn’t seem to know what the word credibility means.

Radio New Zealand 18 April, 2013 Fiji slams EU election observers – wants PNG monitors next year

2 Responses to “Bainimarama’s idea of credibility”

  1. Busted Says:

    No the dicktator only understands credit-ability.

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    Of course! That is precisely how PNG’s assistance money is going to be recycled.

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