The world watches and waits for credible elections

Cane farmers and the sugar industry have paid a heavy price for the military government. Bainimarama said he would do without $70 million in aid for our sugar industry rather than respect democracy and the rule of law. He also promised to make good this money to farmers. This is just another of Bainimarama’s lies but it reminds us that a failure to hold credible elections as promised will lead to loss of further aid from genuine international donors like the EU. If we do have genuine free and fair elections, EU aid will be restored. If not, we will remain out in the cold.

Fiji Times April 17, 2013 EU to discuss ban on Fiji aid

One Response to “The world watches and waits for credible elections”

  1. losalini Says:

    bainimarama will again eat his own vomit. did not want to respect Democracy and to hold elections the last 7 years and now suddenly wants to woo the EU for million of dollars to support the failed sugar industry which he himself has razed to the ground.

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