The contradiction says it all

Khaiyum says a “referendum would not be practical within the time frame for elections” but Bainimarama says Fiji may hold elections earlier than September next year. He has to rush the Constitution to meet the deadline of September next year, so no time to let the people have their say through a referendum. But then it’s also possible elections could be held before September. It’s obvious that Bainimarama does not want to allow people to have their say on the Constitution because he knows what they’d say.

Radio New Zealand 17 April, 2013 Fiji regime to have final say on constitution

Fiji Village 17/04/2013 Elections may be earlier than September – PM

2 Responses to “The contradiction says it all”

  1. losalini Says:

    they are a bunch of liars. telling the people there is not enough time to hold a referendum and now bainimarama is saying elections might be held earlier. whichever way they spin it, they want full control. now, who would want these crooks in power for the next 4 years.

  2. Dredd Says:

    So why have the bullshit constitution consultation and waste time and money when not all if any of what people say won’t be considered as only the bai will have the last say. So why waste time just impose the damn thing and get on with the show. The emperor is naked but thinks he is not due to the bs being fed to him. I think it is an election campaign more than what they claim as constitution consultation..

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