Tate and Lyle have lost faith in Bainimarama


Abdul Khan has admitted that Tate and Lyle Sugars, our longest standing sugar customer, will be taking only 90,000 of the 150,000 tonnes produced last season, leaving close to 60,000 tonnes to find a market for. Where’s FSC going to find a market for all the sugar that Bainimarama claims will be produced on the FSC farm in Seaqaqa? One of Bainimarama’s so-called reforms of sugar was to get rid of Fiji Sugar Marketing Ltd in 2009. At that time the problem was to produce enough sugar to supply Tate and Lyle. Now Tate and Lyle seem to have abandoned us as a customer. The pathetic military boss of sugar, Manasa Vaniqi, was left crying poor – “Considering that we have had over 100 years of association, I thought they would have considered that relationship.” What Tate and Lyle considered was the destruction of a once viable sugar industry by an incompetent lying regime that has lost the confidence of the cane farmers who it relies on to produce the product Tate and Lyle need.

Fiji Times, April 17, 2013 Hunt for sugar buyers

6 Responses to “Tate and Lyle have lost faith in Bainimarama”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    The screws are tightening boys. Maybe PNG can help — hyuk hyuk hyuk.

  2. losalini Says:

    i thought bainimarama already had a ready-made deal with the chinese to buy our sugar. sell the surplus sugar to the chinese to start paying off the Billion Dollar loans.

  3. the weed Says:

    you need to farm the whole of fiji for 30 years with sugarcane just to pay off the yearly interest; better change crop to marijuana….lol

  4. the weed Says:

    the airass is working on the marijuana decree right now….legalise it…lol

  5. The Escape Route Says:

    the dicktator is looking at his escape road map and not a sugarcane industry map…eheheh

  6. Dredd Says:

    Now that our sugar industry is f*&^@d I wonder how long is the economy going to hold out. To maintain the balance, where would the replacement revenue come from. If not our GDP is bound to fall well below predictions. We only have bauxite as an additional source but what do we get out of it? Nothing is being reported on the amount of money received from bauxite to date. Our news media are sleeping or what?

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