So pleased to not see you


The Bainikhaiyum propaganda machine pumps out pictures of Bainimarama receiving phony apologies from people who want government services. Likewise sporting groups have to bend the knee to the dictator but why was the publicity machine unable to produce a photograph of a netballer player actually looking at Bainimarama when they shook hands? So pleased to not see you

3 Responses to “So pleased to not see you”

  1. Double Vision Says:

    No u have to look very closely…baini is not looking at this beautiful netballer; the swine is looking at her boyfriend hidden on the other side and saying: can I taralala with u honey!!!
    Thats why the young lass looks very confused. Read her lips: shes saying: get me out of here pleeeease!! LOL

  2. kaiviti Says:

    wow ,,,,,lucky bastard holding that netballers hand!!!

  3. anon Says:

    noo…poor girl now her hand is covered in pig shit!!!!

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