Why not put the constitution to the people?

Mahendra Chaudry has put his finger on the biggest contradiction in the Bainikhaiyum constitutional process. Why can’t the people be allowed to decide? Even after six years of restricted freedom and dictatorship, Bainimarama cannot trust the people to decide. The propaganda machine tells us he’s popular and much-loved, but his fear of facing the voters to approve his constitution tells the real story.

Radio New Zealand 16 April, 2013 Former Fiji PM suggests referendum on draft

2 Responses to “Why not put the constitution to the people?”

  1. the true choice Says:

    if u are going to put anything to the people for their real informed choice, then all three should be put, not just one to skew the whole process to the one u want.
    chodrey and mick be honest about it for a change. no wonder the people still look at urs with distrust.

  2. losalini Says:

    @the true choice. u don’t make sense. bainimarama is the one pushing the new draft consitution written by him and his supporters. so if he is so loved by so many people as he claims, why doesn’t he let the people decide for themselves in an open Forum.

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