Can dirty tricks work?

Victor Lal on Fiji Leaks has named one Epeli Vuase, a military man in the Prime Minister’s Office, as making the complaint against NFP members in the village of Namuana in Kadavu. It wasn’t people whose names were listed who complained, it was an army spy in their midst. And it seems he was the same one who complained about SODELPA members. Victor Lal concludes: “It is becoming very clear that Saneem, acting on Aiyaz Khaiyum’s instructions, is ensuring that no party survives, except Frank Bainimarama’s proposed party.” If no party survives this crooked process, what does that say for the credibility of the elections? Is this really what Bainimarama and Khaiyum have cooked up as their way to win an election? This is either stupid or desperate.

2 Responses to “Can dirty tricks work?”

  1. the blue print. Says:

    good on you victor.
    if u watch the documentary on Syria, fiji is following the same blue print.
    first u get rid of all the political parties.
    next u form one party government run by the army..
    then u get rid of all dissention; control the press and torture and put the fear of the dictator up all the citizens asses and rule for another 20+years
    in the mean time u groom the son of the dictator to take over from the father.
    fiji following true to that blue print.
    god help us please.

  2. losalini Says:

    bainimarama and khaiyum already have this blue print. but it’s not going to happen because the next coup is just waiting to happen from another power-hungry military man. bainimarama will always be watching his back from the rfmf. they have the guns and the power. when bainimarama dies (soon I hope), the military will take over. and not that juvenile meli boicici.

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