Buying political influence with your money


Bainimarama expects us to be pleased that he’s investing in other Pacific economies. He expects us to to think this will win friends for Fiji when it’s obvious he expects to win political influence for himself in the Pacific Forum and the Melanesian Spearhead Group. In the same edition of the Fiji Sun where Bainimarama tells us of his plan to buy into PNG mobile phones, we see a report saying that the PNG Government is backing Fiji in the Commonwealth. The funds Bainimarama is using to buy political allies are from the FNPF. It’s not his money – it’s ours, the life-savings of the workers. They should be invested where they’ll earn the most income to provide for our future. He’s cut pensions once already because of the damage he’s done to FNPF investments. FNPF investment decisions should not be based on politics. Bainimarama seems to think his hold on government power gives him the right to everyone’s property.

Fiji Sun April 16, 2013 FNPF to further invest in other Pacific nations

Fiji Sun April 16, 2013 PNG backs Fiji strongly

2 Responses to “Buying political influence with your money”

  1. Dredd Says:

    Ohhh boy what a bunch of morons these PNG leaders are who are backing Fiji strongly. I think the statement should have been PNG strongly backs the illegal repressive Fiji regime. And not the Fiji people. Why they do this is the biggest mystery to date.

  2. The Melanesian Spear (Your) Head Group Says:

    brothers in arms Dredd. birds of a feather flock together
    the kaiindia whos backing this fella will one day suffer the wrath of these guys like the chinese did in png

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