Six years of neglect laid bare

For six years funds that should be spent on roads have been diverted to the military and the First Family Travel Fund. The result is pot-holes like craters, roads all over the country that are impossible to use in bad weather and often closed to buses, and bridges that are downright dangerous. FRA CEO, Neil Cook, has now confirmed that there are 1000 bridges through-out the country which need repairs. 100 of them need urgent repairs, which means they’re either dangerous or likely to to be completely wrecked if not repaired immediately. If Bainimarama thinks we’ll all thank him for at last returning some of the taxes we pay for this purpose, then he’s been listening too long to flunkeys and boot lickers.

Fiji Times, April 15, 2013 1000 faulty bridges

2 Responses to “Six years of neglect laid bare”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Talking about first family, it seems they (wife and daughter) are included in the recent trade trip to PNG!

  2. losalini Says:

    bainimarama family have no shame. they are flaunting their power and wealth while the fijian people are struggling. the roads and bridges are in deplorable and dangerous states, and most tax money going to support their rich lifestyle and that of the top Military guys. shame, shame and double shame.

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