Khaiyum’s dirty tricks

A clear plan

Dr Tupeni Baba, the spokesman for the Social Democratic and Liberal Party, has dismissed the claims by the regime that their party membership list had problems. Khaiyum’s hand-picked Registrar, Mohammed Saneem, has given SODELPA until Friday to explain why some names of their members listed on registration documents do not match the electoral roll. Saneem has not made the Master Roll available, so how can parties check the details? This whole process has the smell of dirty tricks, which will anger all the people who had pinned their hopes on elections. The Khaiyum decree does not allow any party to take their grievances as to how Saneem treats them to a court to get a review. Khaiyum has put Saneem above the courts.

Radio Australia 15 April 2013 Fiji party says names dispute over minor issues

3 Responses to “Khaiyum’s dirty tricks”

  1. Rabici Says:

    People had been wanting Plans B,C etc be formulated.

    Wnen the illegal regime plays dirty and bans or disallows peoples’ parties from participation in the election what should we do?????

    This is very important and people must be involved in the planning of alternative reactions to govt.

    A point is reached beyound which words only become irrelevant while actions become increasingly dorminant. and increasingly obstructive to the illegal Govt…..until we get what we want. We close down all big towns and cities forcefully.

    One thing for sure Plans B, C etc must involve wretching up the temperature, tempo and physicality of the opposition to the illegal Govt by all peoples of Fiji in unision and one accord.

    Union strikes, civil disobedience and closure of Govt services must be activated.

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    The botched claims by military stooge in Bainimarama’s office, one Epeli Vuase is available on Fiji Leaks.

    Counter claims by another regime pandering beneficiary, one Kishore Kumar are also laid bare on Fiji Leaks.

    The regime idiots are completely inept they’d struggle to even organise a piss-up in a brewery.

  3. Dredd Says:

    This Vijay Narayan is a real a/h regime sucker right from the beginning. He twists the story so as to cause friction amongst opponents of the regime. But luckily the opponents are wise and mature enough to see his trickery and use their wisdom to keep matters cool calm and collected. Don’t like this biased reporting by a sycophantic regime supporter.

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