The land lie

The Fiji Sun is urging landowners to give their land to Bainimarama. They’ve published comments from a landowner from Waiqanake near Suva urging all landowners to give their land to the Bainimarama Land Bank. What he’s not saying is that landowners could make the same deal under the Native Land Trust Act. The landowners at Waiqanake have a small parcel of land with high value because of its location. They could get the same deal under the NLTA. It is dishonest for this landowner to speak for landowners in other places who have to decide what land they need for the future use of their members and what they should lease out. Like everything this regime has said about land – it’s lies designed to deceive everyone, both landowners and tenants, promising them everything will be OK if they just hand their land to Bainimarama’s Land Bank.

Fiji Sun April 14, 2013
Give up land

3 Responses to “The land lie”

  1. The floodgate Says:

    the fijians lose their land without the dictators constitution.
    can u imagine what would happen when the dictators blueprint becomes law?? who needs a loophole? the floodgate will be wide open. and who has final say? not the kaiviti because they’d be lucky to be sitting in parliament.
    god help the kaiviti.

  2. Navosavakadua Says:

    All of this talk about people giving their land to the Land Bank is one huge joke.

    Under his Land Use Decree Bainimarama doesn’t need Landowners to give their land. The Land Use Regulations say that the Lands Department has to get 60 percent landowners consent to a lease, but these Regulations can be changed without the approval of Parliament. He can simply issue a new regulation saying he can decide what’s in the landowners’ best interests.

  3. losalini Says:

    all indigenous fijians should be out talking about this landgrab around the tanoas. if the bainimarama/khaiyum draft becomes legal, then they all can say goodbye to their rights. take note tui macuata and all chiefs supporint this rogue government.

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