Pick the real soldier here


Three men wearing medals but only one who’s earned them. Ninety one years old, Filipe Matavesi, is one of the Ai Matai, those who stepped forward when our land was under threat and served in combat against battle hardened Japanese forces in Bougainville. Of the other two, what can we say? A Playboy whose service has been mainly in the officer’s mess, the cocktail reception and the boudoir. The other, a coward who runs from the sound of gunfire and acts tough only when surrounded by bodyguards. His medals are really something to wonder about. His one overseas tour was in an office and even then he messed up. Did he award himself a medal for his sprint through the cassava patch?

3 Responses to “Pick the real soldier here”

  1. yashgai Says:

    koya tiko i loma na sotia dina. o rau i sau me rau veivutu ga. drau yavu boci sonalevu. no combat experience

  2. losalini Says:

    those two twits on the right and left of the photo should get the MADUA MEDALS!

  3. franksonalevu Says:

    Ai matai’s feats were legendary. They defied all odds in their recoinnasance and guerrilla-type operations which became the template for modern day military operations during warfare. There is no comparison between them and what the two sonalevus standing on the sides represent. All they represent is a regime led by a bunch of military idiots who use the gun to intimidate and control the people they supposed to defend. The people really have no choice because they have no access to weapons. If they did it’ll be interesting what the military can do to avert confrontation. Meanwhile they are sitting pretty up in the barracks poking and smelling each others butts with the nozzle of their unfired weapons. Vakamadua ka vakasisila na nodrai i vakarau. Ni yavu tamata lamusona, cicilevu, butabutako, viavialevu. Lako mada mai Afghan mo ni kila na i vakarau ni sotia dina.

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