A man who woke up (too late)

In the early days of the Bainimarama power grab one man who should have spoken strongly against the coup but failed to do so was Rev Akuila Yabaki. He didn’t agree with the policies of the Qarase Government so he made mealy mouth apologies for the military government. In 2007 Yabaki said that although the military has not produced the evidence of corruption the public is seeking, it should be given more time. “It can not be achieved in 12 months.” He said the military had carried out something that is not possible in the parliamentary process. Now it has finally dawned on Yabaki that Bainimarama was just spouting words to capture his support, and he was fool enough to be sucked in. He must now regret his trust in Bainimarama who has showed that he is on track to cement in place a dictatorship. The pastor who needs to repent has been reported on Al Jazeera.

The mealy mouthed apologist Akuila Yabaki in 2007 Fiji Live December 07, 2007 Coup still unjustified, says CCF

2 Responses to “A man who woke up (too late)”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    For all of Yabaki’s cheap rhetoric, it is no secret that he, like Shyster and numerous others were in the thick of things pertaining to Bainimarama’s illegal & treasonous takeover.

    The day draweth nigh when they shall ALL, in an independent & impartial court of law, account for their treasonous misdeeds.

  2. anon Says:

    oh no the man was never asleep.
    its the masses in fiji that are in deep slumber.
    the night mare is only beginning. frank will do what all dicatators do. hand over to his son. the training and grooming is already on the way.

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