The biggest liar says “Beware of liars”

Speaking to the people of Sawanikula Village in Wainimala, Naitasiri, Bainimarama had the nerve to say “the mutiny at the Queen Elizabeth’s Barracks (QEB ) in 2000 was caused by liars”. Did he say what lies he thought were being told? Probably not, because he knows as well as anyone present that the mutiny was a result of anger by CRW members who had been used to stage the Speight coup when Bainimarama and others forced Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara to leave the office of President only to be cast off as if they were the cause of the problems. Before the Speight coup Bainimarama was in contact with key plotters such as Inoke Kubuabola who is now his Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jim Ah Koy who Bainimarama made Ambassador to China and the late Isikia Savua who Bainimarama tried to appoint to a Charter Committee, giving up only when there was a storm of protest. The people of Naitasiri know who the liar is.

Fiji Sun April 10, 2013 Be alert for liars

2 Responses to “The biggest liar says “Beware of liars””

  1. losalini Says:

    oh, the stupidity of this man. the biggest LIAR in fiji is bainimarama himself. lying that he staged the coup because of corruption of the qarase govt (still no proof), lying that no one from rfmf will benefit (now the rfmf don’t want to let go of their power and perks), lying that he will get paid for only one ministral position (now secretly paid for 8 positions by his cohorts in crime), lying, he will improve the economy (fiji economy is in the gutters), lying, he will protect the indigenous land (but giving them away on 99years lease). and the lying goes on…..

  2. rogue criminal Says:

    Trues up!!.. Who does he think he’s fooling..freaking hypocrite Bainivuaka!!!. immunity for him and not for Speight & co. What a load of bullshit!!!just did it to escape the truth that Hughes found out. Full of double standard…lying bastard!!! thinking that we dont know how you are playing dirty politics at the top in order to rig the elections…..if there is any corruption its him n his bullshit crew…bloody thugs…

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