One delay is the least of our worries

The delay of the A330 on one of its first flights is the least of our worries. The real risk is that we don’t get enough passengers. In 2000 when the Speight coup knocked our tourism industry out of the ring for months, many flights were cancelled. If this happens again, we will still be paying the huge interest bill for these planes. If they don’t fly with high passenger loads from the get-go, Air Pacific will be stuffed. The debts will mount and mount. The foreign banks that lent the money will look for the interest on the billion dollars owed to them. And non-payment means the interest bill rises.

Fiji Times April 10, 2013 New Airbus defect delays flight

One Response to “One delay is the least of our worries”

  1. LOL Says:

    its already happening. the flights are not even full coming in.
    its only full leaving with kaiindia leaving the place for greener pastures leaving u kaiviti to decide whether u gonna be muslim or christian country or atheists.

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