Bainimarama actually blamed the NLTA for poor Government services

On his trip to Bua last month, before the storm had blown up about land, Bainimarama made a speech which gives away his plan for Fijian land. He was opening a new Nursing Station and patting himself on the back for providing services. He asked his audience if they knew why it has it taken so long to get Government services. And then he blamed previous constitutions which had the entrenched legislations such as the Native Lands Trust Act. He is actually blaming protection of Fijian land for lack of Government services!!! To get the services they need they have to handover control of their land to him so he can lease it on sweetheart terms to big business from China. Like the environmental rapists pulling all the bauxite out of the ground in Bua while handing peanuts to the landowners in return for the rape of their environment.

Propaganda Video from Trip to Bua Nursing Station Mar 11, 2013

3 Responses to “Bainimarama actually blamed the NLTA for poor Government services”

  1. Mana Tavenu Says:

    In every public statement he gives to a crowd he never fails to tell his wornout popular line ….that people always ask him why have another election when his government is doing a good job.

    This nitwit is actually campaigning using peoples’ funds on a political election compaign.

    People of BUA and all Fiji do not vote for this crook and dishonourale man…he is an illegal PM, a dictator

  2. Navosavakadua Says:

    All these Mininfo videos are the same. They show the pajero fleet arriving, showing off to all village folk the power and might of a military dictator. The message is: if you want a share in the hand-outs of government you will kow tow.

    Bainimarama likes to pretend he’s a man of the people, but he’s always surrounded by lackeys and body guards, speeding down the road in government four wheel drives with dark windows.

    Contrast that with the days of Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, a PM who had real status, as a chief, as an elected leader with broad-based support and a man equipped by education to to be a competent decision-maker. He could be seen driving himself to play golf in the early morning in a car he’d paid for himself.

  3. Toso i liu Says:

    no point living in the past. not everyone has the same saintly memories of the Ratu as u have.
    the fact is this dictator is very good at the lies he tells. what u guys gonna do about it is more to the point.

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