The Momi lie


The father of all lies, Khaiyum, is repeating his claim that the Momi land swap was illegal. If that’s the case why doesn’t he do something about it? He’s the Attorney General, even if he is not elected, and he has courts that he appointed and cleared of all Judges he doesn’t like. So why can’t he reverse the situation. He knows that if he did anything he’d have to explain why he had to issued (DECREE NO. 7 OF 2013), the STATE LANDS (AMENDMENT) DECREE 2013. Khaiyum said he had to do this to prevent what happened at Momi. So doesn’t that mean he thought it was legal? And why doesn’t Khaiyum just issue a decree to reverse the swap? The mataqali would lose the land it gained from the swap and in return it would get back the land it gave up. Why doesn’t he do the same for the land swap at Denarau, which he’s saying nothing about? Laisenia Qarase has called on the government to take an independent legal opinion on the land swap, but Khaiyum knows this will show him up. He won’t allow an independent referee.

Fiji Times, April 09, 2013 Land law

2 Responses to “The Momi lie”

  1. losalini Says:

    khaiyum/bainimarama govt are too lamusona to get an Independent Referee. and they have sold out to the chinese especially with the Bauxite mine in Bua. the environment and fishing grounds are being poisoned and no one is doing anything about it. Container loads of fiji earth being shipped to China.

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    Here’s the thing. If Khaiyum really thought he had a case why is he not taking it to his stacked kangaroo court to rule on?

    Is he nervous that the illegal and treasonous regime would have to bow to the forward-thinking provisions of the still very valid 1997 Constitution?

    He and his boy Bainimarama just need to cease the hype of trial by media as part of their pitiful vote-buying attempts.

    This saga is, contrary to their opinion, not going in their favour and eyes are now wide open to all their other land ‘protection’ measures (read: daylight robbery).

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