Qetaki confirms that he’s a first class turkey

The man who was entrusted by Bainimarama with running the all important iTLTB has proven yet again what an incompetent fool he is. He’s written to the Fiji Times to explain that a lease is an agreement to pay rent to use someone else’s land. Thanks for that, we at FDN had all been wondering. Included in this letter is Qetaki’s observation that farmer’s who pay their rent are an exception to the rule, as if it’s all the farmers fault. What he needs to explain is why he allows this to happen. It’s his fault, nobody elses.
Legal duty
I REFER to Ravi Rajnay Singh’s letter titled “Lease arrears”(FT 01/09) and commend him for his ideas on how TLTB may deal with farmers in addressing rent arrears.
A lease is a contract between the landlord and the tenant. The landlord grants to the tenant, farmers included, exclusive possession of the land subject of a lease with certain terms and conditions for the duration of a lease.
There is a purpose attached to a lease and farmers are given leases for agricultural purpose to be utilised for farming sugar cane, vegetables, ginger or any other crop or agricultural use.
In return the farmer undertakes to promptly pay to TLTB rent at six monthly intervals. This is a fundamental condition with the undertaking to farm in line with good husbandry and sustainable land use practices.
A sizeable section of farmers do not view farming as an occupation, profession and a business enterprise. There are exceptions and they pay their rent on time.
Arrears of rent has a lot to do with lack of prioritisation of payment of rent by farmers who neglect their legal and contractual duty to TLTB effectively denying the iTaukei landowners fair return for the use of their land.
TLTB general manager

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