Is the blockhead about to go?

Blog speculation about the likely tenure of the so-called president, Epeli Nailatikau, is nothing new. But we are not ready to dismiss a posting by the usually well-informed, Raw Fiji News, predicting Nailatikau is about to join his brother-in-law, Epeli Ganilau, in retirement. Recent changes in pension entitlements would mean that the Nailatikau’s would not be too badly off if they get kicked out of the white house. As we know, the pension rate for politicians, judges, civil servants, military and police officers has been increased by the junta to 20 percent while, at the same time, an illegal FNPF decree reduces FNPF pensioners rate from 25 per cent to 9 per cent in three months (March 2012). Only question is: who would succeed Nailatikau? Might it be Frank Bainimarama himself? Stay tuned.

Raw Fiji News 30 November 2011   Epeli Nailatikau soon to join his brother-in-law Epeli Ganilau in retirement

3 Responses to “Is the blockhead about to go?”

  1. Seini Says:

    @FDN: Great minds think alike!! I have always thought that Bainimarama’s ultimate goal was to become president with all its trappings and ceremony but still commander in chief of the armed forces…. But not before Aiyaz brings in a decree that the president of Fiji is immune from prosecution. However, once Frank has himself installed, who will he appoint as Prime Minister? I can tell you now it won’t be Aiyaz. He’ll get dropped like a hot potato. The next prime minister will be same as Frank, an indigenous Fijian, someone Frank can trust, same as 99 % of his damned RFMF!

  2. Taukei. Says:

    Trust Nailatikau isn’t considering a return to Bau?

  3. Dong Says:

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