How Aiyaz targeted Wadan Narsey

Thanks to Fiji freedom blog, Coup Four And A Half, we now have a detailed insight into the regime’s orchestration of the sacking from USP of Professor Wadan Narsey, including Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum’s failed attempt to have the academic charged with sedition.  The blog also reveals the role of the USP Vice-Chancellor, Prof Rajesh Chandra, his willingness to please the military dictatorship and his reluctance to support his academic colleague.  Arguably, if Rajesh Chandra had behaved more like a man and less like a spineless toady, Professor Wadan Narsey would still have his job.

Coup Four And A Half    22 August 2011     Khaiyum wanted USP academic charged with sedition

2 Responses to “How Aiyaz targeted Wadan Narsey”

  1. Alipate Says:

    Where are all the fijians who marched in opposing rajesh Chandra,s VC post in 2000.

  2. Corruption Fighter Says:

    Question for Croz. Croz, have I missed something, or did you really not have anything to say about the sacking of Wadan Narsey by USP afterUSP were given threats of with-holding funds military regime? Surely this is an important issue. Do you reject Prof Narsey’s claim that this is what led to his sacking? What does this say about the regime? Would you agree that it was his questioning of the management of the FNPF that was too much for the regime to bear? It’s not like you to have nothing to say, so have I missed something?

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