Sun reports Dallas Swinstead shooting through

According to Bainimarama regime Apologist-in-Chief, Crosbie Walsh, there is no truth in speculation that Fiji Times publisher Dallas Swinstead has left because he was unhappy in the role of publisher of a propaganda rag. Now the Fiji Sun, still the best propaganda rag in the business has blown the whistle, pointing out that Dallas Swinstead is leaving our shores without a replacement being found. Does this mean he was unhappy? Possibly, but not certainly. It could also be that Aiyaz denied him a visa. We all know what he’s like on that score. The fact is that we don’t know the truth but questions have to be asked and blogs have to speculate because there is no media freedom in our land at the moment.

Fiji Sun 22 January 2011 No news on Times boss

One Response to “Sun reports Dallas Swinstead shooting through”

  1. ratu Says:

    ratu said said
    fijisun is govt second wife .
    fijitimes need netani/sophie foster back.
    come on mac patel.get them back .
    locals can do the job.
    we need media freedom and ag taliban decree out in the toilet.

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