Port cash grab: is there a Home Link link?

In 2008, Fiji Ports Corporation Limited handed responsibility for security in the Port of Suva to Home Link Security services, staffed by RFMF Territorials. This was controversial at the time because it looked like corruption in a government controlled by the military. No-one knows whether they won because they had a lower priced bid or their services were deemed to be more secure. If they were supposed to be more secure, the decision doesn’t look too good. The fact that no-one saw anything must arouse suspicions. How can the heavy equipment needed to cut into a container have been smuggled in and out of the Port without Home Link staff seeing them?

Fiji Times January 21, 2008 Homelink security contract justified

2 Responses to “Port cash grab: is there a Home Link link?”

  1. Seini Says:

    @FDN: Getting real facts on the $1-mill wharf heist is proving very difficult. No one is prepared to say anything. The silence is deafening! Wouldn’t it be ironic if it turned out that elements of the military, charged with guarding our wharves, were the culprits responsible. Actually, I think that’s going to be the case. And I also think that we’ll never be told. The military always look after their own regardless of the crime. Just look at the release of the murderer Francis Kean or the reinstatement of Rabuka’s pension or the release of the killers of Sakiusa Rabaka. These criminals that run the military have their own brotherly code of dishonour.

  2. corruptkaiyum Says:

    the aaab-s000-luuute-ly corrupt aiyaz sayed-kaiyum loves getting his filthy fingers on an illegal dollar just like sada reddy is …. don’t be suprised when the history is finaly written that those two were the ones who knocked off the million bucks in brand new “EB” 20 notes …. i bet my next salary envelope that one or both of the buggars has a finger in this one

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